Submittable is always looking for inspiring and innovative people who want to be a part of the future of publishing.

Submittable (YCombinator S12) is profitable and has over 9000 clients including Harvard, NPR, TechCrunch, and 300+ universities. We're backed by The Knight Foundation, StartFund, 77Ventures, and a few other amazing investors. We're based in Missoula, Montana with a satellite office in NYC. Moving to Missoula isn't required, but all offers include a season pass to Snowbowl which is like skiing in 1977. Work is optional on any day there's over 8 inches of new powder.
More than degrees or particular skill sets, we're looking for obsessive, self-motivated people who have done one or two things in their lives that most people would consider exceptional or very interesting. 
Location: Missoula, MT
This is a technical lead generation position. You must be able to:

1. Build a list of everything worth testing and test it
2. Create, buy, and manage high-converting ads on strategic media properties (P&W, RealPants, magCulture,, etc) and social networks including Facebook and Google AdWords
3. Create and execute a social network growth plan on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more
4. Use tools like Hubspot, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics to implement, measure, and report customer onboarding and acquisition
5. Install GA funnel metrics into all inbound, and analyze the value vs. acquisition of all marketing URLs
6. Perform A/B testing of all Submittable landing pages
7. Ideally, you're experienced in both search engine marketing and search engine optimization strategies
8. Perform client analysis and provide detailed information regarding customer segmentation and their customer lifetime value
9. Develop and implement specific plans for reaching new markets
Location: Missoula, MT
Submittable is building out our sales team. You must enjoy cold calling and other direct sales techniques. Success in this position will result in managerial opportunities. 

Submittable has two SaaS products: Submittable and Talentd. Both are post-revenue and have thousands of existing clients.  

Location: Missoula, MT
We can always do better. If you think you can make Submittable a better company, we're interested.
In general, we seek talented and self-motivated people in any discipline who strive to make useful things for millions of people. We particularly value people who don't fit the majority of existing job descriptions but are obsessive about what they do. If possible, please include specifics on how you'll improve our company or products. Send resumes that make us jealous.

(Note: You can also submit music or artwork in an MP3, PNG, or JPG if that best represents your talents.)

Location: Missoula, MT

Description:  We're looking for a world-class designer to help create the future of digital curation. We have 8000 clients including Playboy, Conde Nast, and over 1200 universities. Submittable is backed by YCombinator and The Knight Foundation. 

Experience/Skills Required:
Your work should speak for itself. Must be able to deliver in CSS + HTML.  

All offers include a season pass to Snowbowl (it's amazing) and work is optional on any day with over 8 inches of fresh powder.