Submittable is always looking for inspiring and innovative people who want to be a part of the future of publishing.

Submittable (YCombinator S12) is profitable and has over 9000 clients including Harvard, NPR, TechCrunch, and 300+ universities. We're backed by The Knight Foundation, StartFund, 77Ventures, and a few other amazing investors. We're based in Missoula, Montana with a satellite office in NYC. Moving to Missoula isn't required, but all offers include a season pass to Snowbowl which is like skiing in 1977. Work is optional on any day there's over 8 inches of new powder.
More than degrees or particular skill sets, we're looking for obsessive, self-motivated people who have done one or two things in their lives that most people would consider exceptional or very interesting. As a product used globally, we're very motivated to hire team members who are representative of different and diverse backgrounds and experiences, including but not limited to diversity of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, culture, and socioeconomics.
Location: Missoula, MT
Submittable is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Montana, boasting over 9,000 clients worldwide and featured prominently in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and TechCrunch to name a few. We are seeking a dynamic individual to integrate into our marketing and growth plan as we are growing fast and strong towards the future.

Submittable is a feature-rich submission and content workflow platform which allows groups and collaborators in many industries to accept, review, and manage submissions. Attachments that are traditionally sent via email can be bulky, burdensome, and difficult to send around to a group trying to collaborate on a project. Aggregating all these submissions and applications at times makes decision-making on that project difficult, and this is where Submittable has rendered its success. Companies like NBC, SpaceX, Amazon, and the New Yorker all use Submittable as a centralized tool to have everyone work on one platform to collaborate, share notes, and make decisions much faster than before. PLEASE REVIEW The Submittable Website and be familiar with as much as you can before applying. You are a better candidate with the more knowledge you have coming in!

  • MUST have very acute and fine attention to detail
  • MUST be task-oriented, and schedule-oriented
  • MUST be able to write engaging, succinct, and error-free content
  • MUST be logical, able to identify rank-of-importance in their workflow, and hard-working
  • MUST have knowledge of common softwares like PDF, Word, Excel, and adept at learning new ones like HubSpot, MadMimi, webinar software, etc.
  • MUST have a working knowledge of social media (but NOTE - this is NOT a social-media-centric marketing position)
  • Some history in marketing - past job positions and experience a PLUS
  • Knowledge and skills at PhotoShop / Illustrator a PLUS. Design skill will not trump the "MUSTs" above, however.
  • MUST be a fun and hard-working person!


  • $40,000 annual salary - $30,000 base, up to $10,000 performance-based bonus
  • Healthcare included
  • 401(k) offered
  • Free license to raid our stocked kitchen

POSITION TASKS (including, but not limited to):

Below is a rather comprehensive twenty-point list of what we are looking for with our Marketing and Growth Administrator:
  1. Monthly Webinar doing simple introductions to the product. Not too sales-y, 100% helping them. (Best Practices Series)

  2. Page on the site with all webinars (

  3. Weekly podcast interviewing clients

  4. Post calls to Craigslist

  5. Make it possible to post calls to 3rd party platforms (ZipRecruiter)

  6. Consider getting our clients to connect to the app via FB and Twitter so we can automate promotion on their behalf

  7. Contact Associations and do seminars on User Generated Content and award programs for the members

  8. Pre-populate app with existing content or forms. Listen to minute 25 on this:

  9. Best Practice based blog posts

  10. Video series on using Submittable for different industries (journals, applications, grants, etc.)

  11. Submittable fellowship for something literary/artsy and promoting the work of underrepresented groups

  12. Consider launch of gift cards

  13. Record (either video or audio) a couple semi-scripted training demos, with a back and forth between client and us - hear/see both parties - to give a more personal feel to training materials. I’m picturing a Skype style view...very friendly.

  14. Work on New Feature Launch Steps (how do we promote new features to existing clients so they know about them?)
  15. Champion and own HubSpot - all in terms of marketing, the verbiage of the emails and the workflows, the frequency. In addition, emailing and keeping up with people who attended webinars.

  16. Point person for large marketing elements like - website creation, banner creation, consistent message across all things - in-house, online, job fairs, conventions, etc. - cleaning up this “Legacy” (publisher) vs “Enterprise” branding issue we have.

  17. Manage marketing activities including but not limited to:

    • Webinars - come up with them, schedule them, execute them. Talking about Sales and what they need and what concepts they should be talking about

    • Collateral creation - Anything print / digital

    • Conferences / Trade Shows

    • Feature launches (see other document)

    • In-app messaging and promotion (Intercom)

    • Client retention strategies (see document)

    • Website improvement (in relation to non-sales [non pricing page]) pages

    • Social Media activity

  18. Develop an understanding of existing client verticals as well as new client verticals

  19. Be able to collect reporting on ROI of marketing campaigns & projects

  20. Work with editorial team on copy writing for associated marketing activities

We are an awesome team and are looking forward to meeting the right person. Interviews will be conducted via telephone first, and if a good fit, will follow with an in-person interview at our office in downtown Missoula. We look forward to hearing from you, and good luck!

The Submittable Team

Location: Missoula, MT

Description:  We're looking for a Senior UX/UI designer to join our design team. 

You would be responsible for every aspect of our platform that is used or seen by people. You must be obsessively detail-oriented, empathetic, and have a unique aesthetic. 

You won't be starting from scratch. To be successful, you'll have to be enthusiastic about our existing UX and continuing to grow it. 

You'll also have to be comfortable continuously iterating within our team and from feedback by people using Submittable.

Experience/Skills We Look For:

  • Empathy
  • Obsessiveness to detail
  • Curiosity
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript experience are a plus, but we're generally not looking for a programmer with design skills. (Although we're always ready to be surprised.)
  • Experience designing for successful SaaS or Consumer platforms. 
  • Ideally an art, design, or architecture background 

Submittable is based in Missoula, Montana which is routinely ranked one of the Most Livable Cities in the US. Our office is 1 block from surfing, 7 miles from skiing, and 3 miles from the Bitterroot Wilderness.  Housing costs 1/3 that of NYC and SF. We're the only YCombinator company to ever come out of Montana. We have over 9000 clients in over 63 countries including CBS, MIT, The New Yorker, The LA Times, and more. As a product used globally, we're very motivated to hire team members who are representative of different and diverse backgrounds. We're profitable and venture-backed.

All offers include a season pass to Snowbowl (it's amazing, like skiing in 1977). Work is optional on any day with over 8 inches of fresh powder.

The software you design will be used by over a million people every month. 

Location: Missoula, MT
Description:  We're looking for a Full-stack developer preferably with experience in C# and the .NET Stack. As well as being an excellent developer, you must be extremely self-motivated, open-minded, and good at communicating with people who may have very different perspectives than your own.
Location: Missoula, MT
Submittable is building out our sales team. You must enjoy cold calling and other direct sales techniques. Success in this position will result in managerial opportunities. 

Submittable has two SaaS products: Submittable and Talentd. Both are post-revenue and have thousands of existing clients.  

Location: Missoula, MT
We can always do better. If you think you can make Submittable a better company, we're interested.
In general, we seek talented and self-motivated people in any discipline who strive to make useful things for millions of people. We particularly value people who don't fit the majority of existing job descriptions but are obsessive about what they do. If possible, please include specifics on how you'll improve our company or products. Send resumes that make us jealous.

(Note: You can also submit music or artwork in an MP3, PNG, or JPG if that best represents your talents.)